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My Death Space.com

A sign of the Times

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All Members , Moderated

Rules about post and comments:
1.) We are not here to degrade others nor their deaths or families.
2.) Everyone is entitled to their own personal beliefs and ideas, be aware you might not like what someone else thinks.
4.) If you insult or belittle any members of this community you will be banned from membership.
5.) Fine details are fine but keep in mind these were real people.
6.) If more rules are needed, or you believe there is something that should be added to the rules or have complaints please feel free to direct them to me. Any and all hate mail will be posted as entertainment for members to comment on.

Why have a community that discusses MDS? Because it's intresting to me and many... many other people and boy do we love the freedom of speech. I guess some might call it a morbid intrest and that it might as well be but that still does not cause any of the members of this community and MDS at all, might as well debate over it.

I personally have been reading virtual memorials for years, its beautiful how loved ones keep memories alive. MDS was almost a shock to me because myspace.com is such a kiddy playground and I had no idea how many of its members, almost all of which are below the age of 21, actually died. It's a sad fact of life that young people die just as easily as anyone else. Loved ones normally make the myspace page a memorial and people continue to comment even years after someone pasted away, this is such a sign of the times isn't it. I take no joy in their death but find the research of crime and justice absoultely mind boggling, I like to know dirtbags go to jail and those families have got justice.